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Beware the hard sell merchants...

The Carpet Cleaning industry is as competitive as any other, and while there are plenty of honest and hardworking companies around, there are also plenty that use tricks and cheats that would make Derren Brown blush. We've outlined two of the most popular below.

CON No. 1 - the carpet cleaning 'Bait & switch'.

You're offered a great price to have your carpets cleaned and guaranteed that even at that low price your carpets will be left in pristine condition. But when the cleaner arrives you're suddenly told that the price quoted is for a basic clean which won't actually remove any stains or blemishes. What you need, they say, is an enhanced clean - at an enhanced cost of course! Problem is, if you ask them to leave, they don't always go quietly.

CON No. 2 - The 'Up Up & Away Sell'.

As with bait and switch the price quoted is always irresistibly low. When the technician arrives you're told this:

  • Price to "clean" the carpet, £40 - just water, no professional cleaning solution.
  • Basic professional cleaning solution per carpet, £20.
  • Enhance professional cleaning solution per carpet, £30.
  • Basic furniture moving for access per carpet, £10

Being upsold what should already be part of any professional carpet cleaning service as an 'added extra' is just not right in our book.

What do we think?

When you book professional carpet cleaning services in Cardiff or anywhere else, you should expect just that - a professional service that'll extract the dirt and debris from your carpets without extracting more cash from your pocket!

So. Need an honest to goodness no hard sell, bait & switch, smoke and mirrors quote for your carpet cleaning?

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